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Articles by Jihan Gearon

Jihan Gearon works at Redefining Progress as a program associate for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative in Oakland, Calif.

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I’ve seen my future, and it’s scary. It involves hurricanes, floods, destruction, mass evacuations, disease, and death. Hurricane Katrina and the week after it were a serious wakeup call for me.

Youth the force, Luke.

Climate change promises me that in my lifetime, I will experience many more events like this. As a young person, I can’t help but gnash my teeth at the people and events that have led us to this crucial point in the world’s history, and wonder why we still refuse to acknowledge and take meaningful action against our own self-destruction.

As a young person, I believe it is my responsibility to pay attention to the world around me, to have hope for the future, and to effect positive change. But at this moment, hope is a little hard to come by.

As I look around me, I’m frightened. Climate change is happening. All I have to do is look back on the past year and remember the rain and mudslides in Southern California, the tornadoes in San Francisco, the hurricanes that hit Florida, the severe drought in the Midwest, and the deadly heat waves in the Southwest — all unprecedented and ... Read more