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Articles by Jim Goodman

Jim Goodman, a farmer in Wonewoc, Wisc., was a 2008-2009 Kellogg Foundation Food & Society Policy Fellow.

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  • Food should be controlled by farmers, not corporations

    Food is an important part of most Holiday celebrations, not just because we need food to live, but food connects us to our culture, our past, and whether we know it or not, our future. Food Is Different: Why the WTO Should Get Out of Agriculture is a great book by Peter Rosset — one […]

  • Will a new administration give us the ‘safest food supply in the world’?

    How many times have we been told we have the safest food supply in the world? Do we really? I suppose it depends on the comparison. Somalia? Kenya ? Eritrea? In developing countries, close to two million children die every year from contaminated food and water. These countries don’t have much of a food supply, […]

  • McCain and Obama need to talk real farm policy

    John McCain and Barack Obama need to start talking farm policy. With less than a month before the November elections in a year marked by a world-wide food crisis, energy shortages, climate change, and an international credit crisis, agriculture should be a prominent issue in every media event. Current farm policies are more about corporate […]

  • We need some qualified public leaders

    It strikes me that many of the problems we run into on a daily basis are caused by people doing a job for which they are not fully qualified. At the top of the list, I’m afraid we must place those we elect to office and those they appoint to government service positions. We have […]