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Before John David Shelton raised anchor to raise greater awareness of climate change, he agreed to sit down and answer some questions on camera — from tales of tattoos and piercings to the most embarrassing thing he’s done in the name of the environment. Spoiler alert: it’s not that embarrassing.

Help John David reach his goal of raising $20,000 for climate change awareness. Click here to make a donation and put some wind in his sails.

Want to send John David a few words of encouragement or ask him some questions of your own? Leave them in the comments below.

UPDATE: At around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, March 29, 2011 John David Shelton’s boat hit a submerged object and began taking on water about 35 miles offshore near Tampa. He was rescued by the Coast Guard and is safely recovering with his family in Pensacola. If you’d like to send him your well wishes, please use the comments section below.

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  • Setting sail for climate action

    A man and his boat.Photo: John David SheltonMy name is John David Shelton, and I’ve been a proud member of the U.S. Navy for 18 years. A few months ago, I found out that I am being transferred from Florida to Virginia. I could have taken a bus or a plane. But I decided to […]