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Basing information on the Earth Council website, the world has 2.1 hectares of biologically productive area per capita at a population level of 6 billion people. That population is currently using the resources of 2.8 hectares per capita, meaning that humans are consuming more than can be replenished. In the U.S., we consume the equivalent of 10.3 hectares per capita.

In order for the world to be sustainable, in theory anyway, humans would have to reduce consumption of resources by over 33% from current levels. For comparison, we would have to maintain a lifestyle similar to the average person in Turkey or Jordan. And this is assuming zero population growth. If population growth is factored in we would need to live like the average Chinese peasant.

In order for Americans to acheive the level of 2.1 h/cap, we would have to reduce our consumption by 80%. I do not see how by simply being green we can acheive that drastic reduction. I think we delude ourselves when we think we can live sustainably while maintaining our standard of living. Technology alone cannot bridge the gap. Take a look at your own lifestyle and think through what it takes to maintain every as... Read more

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  • Poverty in a civilized world

    Poverty is a by-product of civilization. We cannot eradicate it by spending more, organizing more, analyzing more, developing more technology, or curbing consumption. We can only make limited, short-term improvements. This does not mean we should not make the effort to address specific concerns. What else would the action-minded have to do? We do need to be realistic that we are treating a symptom of a human condition. A true solution would require a radical change in our nature. When was the last time there was a truly lasting shift in the way of being human?