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Jon Isham is a professor of economics and environmental studies at Middlebury College. He is the guest editor of Getting to 350, a special edition of Solutions which will be published in Summer 2010. He is also the editor of Ignition: What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement, co-founder of, and, most importantly, proud colleague of all of the kick-ass 20-somethings from Middlebury who are helping to change the world. He is the December 2009 Climate Papa of the Month.

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As Democrats in D.C. and their allies struggle to cobble together a meaningful climate bill, many are lining up to bash green groups. Some recent pieces have been excellent: Johann Hari’s ‘The Wrong Kind of Green‘ in The Nation. Others have been predictable: the folks at the Breakthrough Institute have stayed on message. 

Now here comes good old Walter Russel Mead with a doozie in “The Big Green Lie Exposed” in The American Interest Online. I’m no huge fan of the USCAP/Green Group approach — I’ve weighed in more than once in endorsing the CLEAR act — but I’d say Walter’s a bit over the top on this one. Exhibit A:

Not since the incident at Chappaquiddick derailed the Ted Kennedy for President boomlet of 1969 has a political movement imploded so fast and so messily as the green crusade to stop global warming.

Leave you speechless?! Check out the rest of his remarkable piece.

What’s wrong with all this green-group bashing? Well first, if you study Mead’s piece, you’ll see that he actually doesn’t detail which ‘greens’ he is actually talking ab... Read more

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