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Articles by Julian Spector, Canary Media

Julian Spector is senior reporter at Canary Media, where he reports on the rise of clean energy.

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Plus Power's Gambit Energy Storage facility in Angleton, Texas.

This story was originally published by Canary Media.

California and Texas have a new clean energy superlative to compete over: who’s got the most grid batteries.

Last year, Texas overtook California in large-scale solar power capacity. When huge amounts of solar power rush onto the grid, batteries tend to follow. Now, Texas is building more grid batteries than California, the longtime undisputed leader in clean energy storage.

Developers are expected to complete 6.4 gigawatts of new grid battery capacity in Texas this year, according to the federal Energy Information Administration. That’s more than double the 5.6 gigawatts of battery capacity it ended 2023 with. It’s also as much battery capacity as the entire United States built last year, which was a record year for the energy storage industry. The projection outpaces the 5.2 gigawatts set to come online in California.

The surge of batteries in these states underscores the f... Read more

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