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Articles by Julian Spector, Canary Media

Julian Spector is senior reporter at Canary Media, where he reports on the rise of clean energy.

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This story was originally published by Canary Media and is reproduced with permission.

Getting rid of old batteries can be a hassle. But for recycling startup Ascend Elements, other people’s garbage is basically a gold mine, if not better.

The Massachusetts-based company opened a recycling plant in Covington, Georgia in late March that it says is the largest electric-vehicle battery recycling facility in North America. It can process 30,000 metric tons of input each year, breaking down old batteries and prepping the most valuable materials inside to be processed and turned into new batteries. That capacity equates to breaking down the battery packs from 70,000 electric vehicles annually, said Ascend CEO Mike O’Kronley. For context, Redwood Materials, another battery recycling startup, told us its Nevada facility is already processing 40,000 metric tons of input annually, equivalent to around 100,000 battery packs.

This is an early example of a nationwide movement to cost-effectively recycle and repurpose EV batte... Read more

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