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Articles by Karen Engelsen

Karen Engelsen (she/her) is a neurodiverse Norwegian-American, raised in the wilds by Transcendentalists. She is a fiber artist and emerging writer, living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her partner and two mini-panthers, Archer and T'Pring.

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An alarm buzzed, yanking Benny’s gaze away from his bank of video feeds from the underwater observation drones. 

Someone’s left a baby in the Safe Haven Box. 

Torn, his attention wavered. Two of the drones still floated freely, not yet stowed safely beneath the Mission — and a hurricane loomed mere miles off Old Louisiana’s coast. 

Hurricane’s not quite made landfall. That baby is more important than docking drones. 

Rising winds lent him urgency. Benny keyed in the auto-dock on drone #18 and sprinted down the hall. For the most part, ballast kept the Kateri Mission floating steady, her sea anchors holding her in place. But storm surge was already hitting her broads... Read more