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Kristen E. Jeffers is a MPA student at the University of North Carolina Greensboro concentrating in community and economic development. Her blog is The Black Urbanist.

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Streets like my own are becoming more desirable for black Americans and others looking for better deals down South.Photo: Kristen E. JeffersCross-posted from The Black Urbanist.

According to an article last Wednesday in The New York Times, a reverse Great Migration of African-Americans from the North to the South is occurring. Why is this happening? The Times piece cites the lack of jobs for young black graduates in the North; the relative ease of purchasing property in the South; for elders, the ability to retire in greater comfort; and a flip-flopped racial climate. Many of the elders feel the ancestral draw back to the South, as well.

The Washington Post, in another article about demographic trends, highlighted Section 8 voucher holders — some African-American — who are drawn to the South for its abundant suburban housing at affordable prices.

As a young black woman with some family members who have made the move back South and some who are considering a move back, I think The New York Times is spot on in its highlighting of retirees and their ancestral ties. I have aunts, uncles, and cousins who have bought houses and begun to prepar... Read more

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