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Articles by Lane Burt

Lane Burt is the Manager of Building Energy Policy with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, DC. He is an engineer and works on federal efficiency policies and green building issues. Lane writes about energy policy on NRDC's Switchboard blog.

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  • New air conditioning and furnace standards mean big savings

    The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other efficiency groups released a negotiated agreement with manufacturers of residential air conditioners and furnaces yesterday, marking the end of a journey to come to consensus that lasted many months.  I negotiated on NRDC’s behalf and we will now take this agreement to both Congress and the Department […]

  • Obama Tells Agencies to Shape Up on Sustainability

    Yesterday President Obama signed a sweeping Executive Order that instructs all agencies to step up efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and save energy and water. This isn’t the first time that the inefficiency of federal facilities has received attention, but it certainly represents the strongest and broadest push towards overall sustainability given to the […]

  • Strategies to promote energy efficiency in buildings

    My colleague Nick Zigelbaum posted this on his NRDC Switchboard blog. Nick is NRDC’s lead advocate on California building policy and has worked extensively on efficiency policies in China. He’s a fellow engineer and his blog is a great resource for thoughts on California and all things building related. I developed the following graphic for a […]

  • How to deal with incandescent excuses and ‘dim bulbs’

    The phase-out of incandescent bulbs in the European Union begins next month, so it’s time to get prepared for a new round of ridiculous excuses about why folks can’t use more efficient lights. Despite having been dealt with repeatedly, these seem to be dug up anytime lights make the news. Luckily, they seem to get […]