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Articles by Laura Onstot

Laura Onstot is a Seattle writer and political wonk whose work has appeared in Seattle Weekly, The Seattle Times, High Country News, MSN, The Rumpus, and Agence France-Presse. As often as possible she is away from the keyboard on a bike, boat, or mountainside.

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Cassandria Campbell and Jackson Renshaw.

Fresh Food GenerationCassandria Campbell and Jackson Renshaw.

Wander through Portland, Ore.’s Pearl District, SoCo in Austin, or Manhattan’s financial district and you won’t be able to spit without hitting a food truck selling poutine, Korean tacos, or barbecue in some form. The trend has hit Boston as well, unless you happen to live in the neighborhood of Roxbury.

Most Roxbury residents are black or Hispanic, according to the Census Bureau’s American Communities Survey. Thirty percent of the people living there have incomes below the poverty line. A Tufts project found the obesity rate of Roxbury about 8 percent higher than the overall average in the city.

And it isn’t just food trucks missing, says Cassandria Campbell, who calls Roxbury home. Grocery stores and restaurants serving healthier options aren’t in high supply. “I found myself going to other neighborhoods to get good food,” she says. “These food trucks [appearing in other parts of the city] weren’t serving my neighborhood or other neighborhoods in Boston that are similar in demographic to mine.”

So she called up her friend Jackso... Read more

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