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Articles by Lawrence Ziese

When Lawrence isn't volunteering for various environmental and animal rights organizations, he runs Ashcrow Landscape Design, a leading green landscape design firm that works for residential, commercial, and pro-bono clients. A proud vegan, Lawrence's favorite hobby is dabbling in plant-based cooking and nutrition.

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Occupy L.A.Photo: Patrick GookinPeople have a lot of misconceptions about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some may think it’s populated by arrogant 20-somethings looking for attention and a party atmosphere with leftovers from Burning Man and Coachella. Some may think it’s a few leftist apologists and homeless people intermingling uncomfortably. Some may think it’s a breeding ground for anti-American anarchists and communists plotting the takedown of our infrastructure. Others think it’s just a passing fad like pointy shoes and Bedazzler jackets.

I had some of these misconceptions myself. But after visiting Occupy L.A. a few times, I decided to go for broke and join the occupation to see it all firsthand. I didn’t know what to expect, but I had to reject these doubts before I could really see what was taking place.

I visited during a Demands Committee meeting and the General Assembly, the nightly gathering for decision-making, to get a better reading of what was taking place. This didn’t feel like a casual uprising of people looking for a party. This didn’t feel like that at all.

I immediately felt ... Read more