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Len Sauers leads Procter & Gamble's overall sustainability efforts and is a 23-year veteran of the company with broad-reaching experience in human safety, regulatory affairs, and environmental science. With a doctorate in toxicology, Len maintains ties with academia through teaching arrangements in Ohio and West Virginia and works closely with P&G's executive leadership to develop and ensure the company delivers its short- and long-term sustainability goals.

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Len SauersProcter & GambleDoes Earth Day still matter? Sure, it does — absolutely.

But the reason for the day should have evolved for all of us. Instead of simply planting a new seedling and moving on, we should be looking at Earth Day in a new light.

Earth Day should no longer be a jump-start to action, activism, and awakening. We all need to be far beyond that.

Instead, Earth Day should now be about:

celebrating with our employees, communities, and leading companies what we’ve done through the course of the year and what we plan for the future; thanking those who are helping us down the road to reducing footprints and increasing smart energy alternatives; serving as a inspiration to build still more connections for best practices and innovation; encouraging everyone to keep raising the bar higher.

Earth Day started as a way to recognize that the Earth needs help. We should all get that. Now, what are we doing to intervene — and how we can help each other do more?

From a corporate perspective, we are faced with many opportunities to make a tremendous difference. But I would challenge that today’s mission of “... Read more