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Articles by Manami Kano

Manami Kano is development director of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, an environmental-justice organization that builds grassroots leadership in immigrant Asian communities and works in multi-racial and multi-issue alliances to build progressive power for equity, sustainability, and justice.

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Thursday, 3 Mar 2005


The Asian Pacific Environmental Network was invited to speak on a panel yesterday with “Death of Environmentalism” coauthor Michael Shellenberger, Taj James, executive director of the Movement Strategy Center, and Adam Werbach, past president of the Sierra Club. The goal was to broaden the debate about the future of the environmental movement that was ignited by Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus’ recent paper. The room at the World Affairs Council was packed with a couple hundred people, primarily activists, organizers, and funders whose question was, “Now what?”

In contrast to the eruption at the Environmental Grantmakers Association conference where the Shellenberger-Nordhaus paper was first presented, there was little argument about the shortcomings of the national environmental establishment and the weak state of the movement. Adam Werbach asked, “Who here thinks the environmental movement needs to change dramatically over the next years?” Every hand in the room shot up.

We all know things are terribly wrong, that the frameworks of libe... Read more