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Maria Gallucci is a freelance science writer in New York City. She was the 2017-2018 Energy Journalism Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin. Previously, Maria has worked as a staff writer for publications in New York and Mexico City, covering a wide range of energy and environment issues.

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Fervo Energy's 3.5-megawatt enhanced geothermal plant in Nevada.

This story was originally published by Canary Media.

A next-generation geothermal plant backed by Google has started sending carbon-free electricity to the grid in Nevada, where the tech company operates some of its massive data centers.

On Tuesday, Google and geothermal developer Fervo Energy said that electrons began flowing from the first-of-a-kind facility earlier this month. The 3.5-megawatt project, called Project Red, is now supplying power directly to the Las Vegas–based utility NV Energy.

The announcement comes more than two years after Google and Fervo signed a corporate agreement to develop the ​“enhanced geothermal” plant. Unlike conventional geothermal plants, which tap into heat found close to the earth’s surface, Houston-based Fervo uses advanced drilling techniques to access resources that are deeper or trickier to reach than hot springs or geysers.

The pilot project’s completion is a meaningful step in the growing global... Read more

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