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Articles by Maria Virginia Olano, Canary Media

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This story was originally published by Canary Media and is reproduced here with permission.

As an orange plume of smoke from Canadian wildfires engulfed the Northeast this month and rendered New York City’s air the most toxic in the world for a day, air quality and its impact on human health became the focus of headlines across the country.

But outside of catastrophic wildfire events like the one earlier in June, on average, the leading sources of unhealthy air in the United States are fossil-fuel-powered transportation and electricity generation.

For that reason, a shift toward electric vehicles and renewable energy would slash not only carbon emissions but harmful air pollutants as well. A recent report from the American Lung Association quantifies just how much some of the most common pollutants would be reduced if the country were to speed up the transition to EVs and a clean energy grid.

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