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Articles by Meg Daly

Meg Daly is a freelance writer living in Portland, Ore. Her work has been published in the Oregonian, Oregon Humanities, Women's Review of Books, Tikkun, and other publications.

Featured Article

Can a “forest economy” be good for the forest? A new movement known as community-based forestry says yes. Also referred to as community forestry, CBF is dramatically different from most forest management practiced in the U.S., and increasing numbers of environmentalists are championing the cause.

Land of the trees, and home of the brave.

Photo: NPS.

As the name implies, CBF encourages community members to get involved in forest management. The movement was started by local forest practitioners — loggers, owners of small mills, private landowners, and community planners — in collaboration with other stakeholders, such as environmental organizations and the U.S. Forest Service. Despite their different and sometimes conflicting goals, everyone involved in CBF works toward common goals: restoring and maintaining forest health while respecting local knowledge and bolstering rural economies.

“There is a huge amount of work to be done in the national forests to restore healthy conditions,” says Emily Platt, acting executive director of the Gifford Pinchot Task Force, an environment... Read more