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Articles by Meghan Lundy-Jones

Meghan Lundy-Jones has worked as a teacher, houseparent and administrator for the past six years at the Arthur Morgan School in Celo, North Carolina, along with her husband, Todd.

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Photos: Tessa Aguar

“She’s a killer,” I tell my eighth-grade student’s family.

“Yeah, it’s been a hard thing for us to deal with,” her uncle says. “Some of the family are vegetarians, while others of us are farmers … it’s been a real controversy.”

We’ve just finished eating turkeys at our annual Thanksgiving Celebration that his niece helped raise and slaughter during her time here as a student at the Arthur Morgan School, a boarding and day school for 7th to 9th graders in Western North Carolina. His niece is from Detroit, where slaughtering turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner is unheard of, yet she leapt at the opportunity to do so when given the chance.

I’m not surprised there was controversy in her family about it, as there has been controversy in our community over killing animals for some time.

Earth Quakers

Arthur Morgan School has existed since 1962, as a peace-loving, consensus decision-making, community-minded home away from home for teenagers looking for an alternative to the traditional school system. For most of its history, it was a vegetarian school,... Read more