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Articles by Melissa Gunn

Melissa Gunn (she/her) is based in Ōtautahi, Aotearoa New Zealand, where she is currently a full-time mom and writer. She holds a doctorate in conservation biology. She has independently published YA climate fiction and urban fantasy novels, as well as song and fact books for kids (the latter with her songwriter sister).

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They used to say that when the ancestors arrived, they lost most of the food they brought with them. It wouldn’t grow — it was too cold, you see? I wish they could see us now. Pretty much every crop that failed back then, a thousand years ago, we grow now. Especially coconuts, for the cities farther south. You can make almost everything from coconut. Not that coconut farming’s easy. It doesn’t pay too well, either. At least, sometimes the pay’s good — but then sometimes the pests are bad. Sometimes the trouble is drought. This time of year, storms come through. Storms come through everywhere, but I’m sure they come most of all here. It’s shaping up to be another stormy summer. I say as much to Granpop. Typical Granpop, he starts to yarn right away. 

“It used to be, storms were in autumn or winter,” he be... Read more