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Articles by Mike SanClements

Mike SanClements is an ecologist at the University of Colorado and lives in Boulder, Colo.

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This is Mike’s last entry in the series “Grist dared me to make a change.” Read the first, second, third, fourth and fifth here. And support his dare with a gift to Grist!

The good (computer, camera), the bad (storage containers), and the ugly (plastic bags)Photo: Mike SanClementsIt’s the end of my two-week plastic purge, and here’s what I’ve learned: Plastic is, indeed, freaking everywhere. Even hiding in things like the lining of your seemingly cardboard milk container. And you can’t see it until you dive into an exercise like this, where you’re actually looking for it. I hope that I was communicative enough, as your official Grist guinea pig, that the people who have read my posts (many thanks!) are a little more aware now as well.

My girlfriend and I both lost weight. Weird, right? Turns out that skipping plastic is like a diet. How about that? The No Plastic Diet. I am declaring this my idea here and now. The book’s in the works.

Likely it’s because our shopping shifted from trying to do things the same old way, minus plastic, to completely changing our purch... Read more

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