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Miles Grant blogs for the National Wildlife Federation

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  • Renewable energy saving lives in Afghanistan

    The Wall Street Journal today reports on efforts to make U.S. troops safer by reducing dependence on fossil fuel-powered generators and batteries: Batteries make up as much as 20% of the weight of the 100 pounds of gear a Marine infantryman typically carries. A Marine uses four times as much fuel as his counterpart did […]

  • Taxpayer-subsidized parking at Yankee Stadium going belly-up?

    Photo: Ben WHere in D.C., Nationals fans are used to having their view of the Capitol blocked at Nationals Park by the giant, mostly empty parking lots that loom over center field. And now owners of parking lots at the new Yankee Stadium may default on taxpayer-subsidized bonds because it’s much cheaper and much easier […]

  • 75 percent of NPR ‘clean energy’ panel has cashed polluter paychecks

    You don’t have to been on Big Oil’s payroll to be on National Public Radio’s (NPR) clean energy panel, but it sure helps! I got a chance to watch the taping of this week’s Intelligence Squared debate on clean energy, to air on NPR. The debate’s sponsors sent up red flags right away: The American […]

  • breaking the news

    The watchdog organization Media Matters has uncovered disturbing new internal emails from the Washington bureau of Fox News. The emails suggest Fox News’ slanted coverage of climate science isn’t the result of a subtle bias, but of a deliberate directive from Fox News management to falsely represent science: In the midst of global climate change […]