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Articles by Mykaela Saunders

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Imagine 2200, Grist’s climate fiction initiative, publishes stories that envision the next 180 years of equitable climate progress, imagining intersectional worlds of abundance, adaptation, reform, and hope. This short story is part of our Imagine 2200 Editors’ Picks collection.

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The Stingray fangs along down the coast, long brown rat-tail streaming behind him and thrashing like a whip in the wind. The rest of his short hair is sun-bleached and wild. He rides heavy astride his jet ski. The sun gleams off its shiny black carapace. The ocean glimmers like hot silver around him, and its refracted light dances across his face. Dark goggles protect his eyes from the glare of the sun, and from the wind. 

His bare feet rest on the pegs on the front of the ski, while his hands grip the hangar handlebars o... Read more