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Articles by Nicole Greenfield

Nicole Greenfield is a NYC-based writer, journalist, and editor who focuses on the environment and on religion. For more, visit The Canopy.

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The Reverend wants you to believe the Earth can be saved! Amen.Photo: Brennan CavanaughThe Reverend preaches: “It’s not easy for Americans to slow down their consumption. No, it ain’t! We’ve got to help each other out. Give each other the power. Yes we do! To back away from the product. To turn. To escape the big box. The hypnosis of corporate greed! Amen, hallelujah.“

And the choir sings: “Eartha-lu, Eartha-lu, Eartha-lu-jah! Eartha-lu, Eartha-lu, Eartha-lu-jah!”

“This force is inside each of us,” the Reverend continues. “It’s in the air. It’s coming through the floorboards. Earthalujah. Yeah, yes, amen. Give us the power today to. Stop! Shopping!”

This is Sunday evening in Reverend Billy Talen’s Church of Earthalujah, a “neo-pagan gospel experiment,” a “radical Earth worship show” that’s developed from the performance artist’s anti-consumerism crusade known as the Church of Life After Shopping. Adopting the persona of an evangelical preacher, and surrounded by a lively green-robed choir 35 voices strong, Reverend Billy blends religion, co... Read more