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Articles by Noah Matson

Noah Matson is director of Defenders of Wildlife's public lands program.

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540 — number of national wildlife refuges in the U.S.1 95.3 million — size, in acres, of the refuge system2 19.3 million — size, in acres, of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the largest refuge in the country3 0.6 — size, in acres, of Minnesota’s Mille Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, the smallest refuge in the country4 20.7 million — acres of designated wilderness in the refuge system5 59 — number of refuges established to protect endangered species6 1.4 million — number of volunteer-hours contributed to refuges7 22 — percentage of all work on refuges done by volunteers8 8 million — acres of the refuge system invaded by invasive species9 675 — number of invasive species identified so far on national wildlife refuges10 2 billion — funding backlog, in dollars, of the refuge system11 200 — approximate number of refuges with no on-site staff12 350 million — increase in refuge funding, in dollars per year, needed to fully fund the refuge system13 400.5 million — taxpayer portion of the cost, in dollars, of the Paul Brown Stadium for the Cincinnati Bengals14 327.8 million — cost... Read more