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Editor’s note: This is a guest opinion post.

It’s official: The Women’s March Global movement, the international arm of the Women’s March on Washington, now covers all seven continents. “Women’s March–Antarctic Peninsula” is the latest to join the growing list of 161 sister marches happening in 61 countries around the world, standing in solidarity with 350-plus marches being held in the United States on Jan. 21, in what might be the largest grassroots campaign in history.

The latest addition, an unaffiliated and international expedition of eco-minded visitors, will be holding their ship-board rally in the international waters off of the coast of Antarctica, aptly a continent recognized as a symbol of global cooperation.

The Women’s March Global leadership team has clarified that the global effort on Jan. 21 is not a protest, but the beginning of a peaceful, proactive movement that has grown out of the rhetoric of the recent U.S. election cycle and galvanized people across the world to defend women’s rights and the rights of others. The proposed global organizing framework concentrates on Health, Economic Security, Representation, and Safety... Read more