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Articles by Peiwen Lee

Peiwen is a student in the inaugural class at the Culinary Institute of America in Singapore. She loves yoga, photography, travel, and, of course, food. You can also find her online.

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Food Studies features the voices of volunteer student bloggers from a variety of different food- and agriculture-related programs at universities around the world. You can explore the full series here.

Who wouldn’t be turned off by forcemeat? The name alone sounds pretty gross. When it was time to focus on these cold, repurposed meat preparations in my garde manger class, I just couldn’t understand why people in ancient history would have tortured themselves with pâtes, mousses, galantines, and headcheese. (“Garde mange” covers most of the cold foods made in today’s restaurant kitchens — from charcuterie, to hors d’oeuvre, salads, cold sauces, sandwiches … many of the foods traditionally served at receptions and cocktail events). To top it off, most forcemeats often took three to four days to prepare and everything we produced tasted like one of SPAM’s relatives, with none of the wonderful qualities roasting or grilling can bring to food. Think about it, would you rather eat a piece of cold, poached, ground meat, or a tender piece of roasted chicken with crispy, golden brown skin?  

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