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As pigs were targeted as pork for profit, isolated areas throughout the United States were targeted for huge sow farms. These facilities, some up to 25,000 sows on one farm, were built in isolated areas for the benefit of bio-security. They were usually poor communities and sparsely populated. Resistance was challenged by those in the business community expecting to profit from the adventure.

What first affects the community is hardly noticeable. How these facilities and the manure are handled are not readily noticeable, thanks to the restrictive nature of “bio-security." No one can enter without permission, leaving the opportunity to make any observation minimal.

My first job in Indiana saw manure pumped to a field and discharged through long perforated plastic pipe. I asked, how do you know when enough has been applied? He said when he goes back at night and shines a flash light, it looks like a sea. This field has a stream channel through the middle.

The other farm had a lagoon overflowing. We actually took clods of dirt and placed them in low areas until it could be pumped. The B cell was suppose to be 15′ deep and our checking f... Read more