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Articles by Richey Piiparinen

Richey Piiparinen lives and writes in Cleveland. His work has appeared in Next American City, the Classical, as well as other outlets. Richey is a regular contributor to Rust Wire, and he has a baby girl named Angel Lee.

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A version of this story first appeared in Rustwire.

I think that troubled cities often tragically misinterpret what’s coolest about themselves. They scramble for cure-alls, something that will ‘attract business,’ always one convention center, one pedestrian mall or restaurant district away from revival. They miss their biggest, best, and probably most marketable asset: their unique and slightly off-center character. Few people go to New Orleans because it’s a ‘normal’ city — or a ‘perfect’ or ‘safe’ one. They go because it’s crazy, borderline dysfunctional, permissive, shabby, alcoholic, and bat shit crazy — and because it looks like nowhere else. Cleveland is one of my favorite cities. I don’t arrive there with a smile on my face every time because of the Cleveland Philharmonic. — Anthony Bourdain

It’s branding season again in my hometown of Cleveland. The Plain Dealer just announced plans to help rebrand the Mistake on the Lake “to change not only the look and feel of our region’s ‘capital city’ … but also the way the world and Clevelanders themselves look at it.”

Well, good luck with that. One need only examine the history of... Read more

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