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Support climate news that leads to action. Help Grist raise $35,000 by May 31. All donations DOUBLED.

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Articles by Robynn Shrader

Robynn Shrader is chief executive officer of the National Cooperative Grocers Association.

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Members of the sustainable food movement are furious and, frankly, we have a right to be. Last month’s decision by the USDA to fully deregulate GE alfalfa isn’t just a minor skirmish in a long and exhausting battle. It threatens the existence of organic farming and organic food, and flies in the face of USDA’s mandate from Congress under the Organic Foods Production Act to promote and preserve organic agriculture.

The biotech industry loves to talk about how safe and beneficial GE technology is, and regardless of where your opinion lands on those claims, the simple fact is this: GE is not allowed in USDA organic certification. Period. GE contamination of conventional and organic crops is not a myth. It’s a fact. Just look at the gene flow contamination of corn and soy. Deregulating yet another crop, particularly one that could have an enormous impact on organic dairy farming, undermines the future of organics. “Contamination of organic and traditional crops by recently deregulated, genetically modified alfalfa is inevitable,” the Associated Press reported Monday, citing mainstream agricultural experts.

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  • WIC Recipients Should Have Access to Organic

    It is a truth of modern day grocery shopping that a bag of apples costs more than a bag of chips. Unfortunately, the cost disparity between healthy and unhealthy foods is a driving force behind what goes into shopping carts – a sad reality for millions of Americans who struggle to afford healthy food. National […]

  • Food safety: How local can you go?

    Photo: Beth RankinThe Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 (FSEA) draft, was introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Waxman on May 26, 2009 and is expected to move quickly through the House.  Consumers, farmers, and manufacturers alike all appear to be for a food safety bill, so the question is not whether a […]