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Articles by Roger-Mark De Souza

Roger-Mark De Souza is the vice president for research and director of the climate program at Population Action International in Washington, D.C. Previously he worked at the Sierra Club, Population Reference Bureau, and the World Resources Institute.

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Cross-posted from RH Reality Check.

“Are we going to talk about sex again?!” screamed my 12-year-old son, Nick, as he ran down the stairs, away from me. That was five years ago, and I had just sat down with him to have one of our father-son talks, this time about sex and sustainability.

Now Nick, a senior, is preparing for college at the same time that the global community is preparing for its own important landmark: The United Nations predicts that on Oct. 31, world population will reach 7 billion.

The confluence of these two events gives me reason to think about the world Nick is inheriting from my generation, and makes me consider what I can say to him as he heads off to college.

This world of 7 billion

I try to get my head around it. It’s a world of 7 billion people. With greater connectivity than I could have ever dreamed possible. A world of widening disparities and growing environmental degradation. A world with a changing climate. A world of crashing economic markets and changing debt ceilings.

It’s also a world of finite resources and growing demand.

Consider water: As the world̵... Read more