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Articles by Sarah McDonald

Sarah McDonald runs communications for Public Citizens Texas and is the editor of Texas Vox. She is a native Texan and Rice University graduate.

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Sarah McDonald at the scene.Yesterday the Public Citizen Texas team drove down to Houston to crash the American Petroleum Institute’s “Energy Citizen” event. Billed as a “grassroots” rally against the cap-and-trade bill currently before Congress, this event was nothing more than a company picnic.

About 2,500 energy employees were brought by charter bus to the Verizon Wireless Theater, a private location that could be easily secured to keep undesirables out. David, Ryan, and Andy were all denied access, but stealthily dressed in Banana Republic and spectator pumps, I was able to blend in with the crowd and slip into the hot dog line.

Inside the theater it became evident quickly what a polished, professional event this was. Right at the door you could pick up a bright yellow T-shirt with a clever slogan on it like “I’ll pass on $4 gas,” “I’m an Energy Citizen,” and “Congress, Don’t Take Away My Job!” The same lines could also be found on bumper stickers and the kinds of cardboard signs you would wave at a football game.

In the middle of the arena was a giant action center where... Read more