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Articles by Sasha Chavkin

Sasha Chavkin is a freelance writer based in New York City. He was a 2007-08 Middlebury Fellow in Environmental Journalism, and his work has been appeared in The Nation, Americas Quarterly and World Politics Review.

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President Evo Morales of Bolivia never shies away from a scuffle. He was elected as Bolivia’s first indigenous president after toppling the previous government with massive street protests, and he has since legalized the coca leaf, nationalized the mines, and tossed out the U.S. ambassador.

Bolivian President Evo Morales makes an offering to the “Pachamama” (The Mother Earth) during a ritual at the sacred Aymara site of Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Morales has called for rich nations to take on the problem of global warming, noting that the worst effects fall on poor nations.Photo: Noah Friedman-RudovskyThe one-time coca farmer and llama herder is now wading into the ring of global climate negotiations to embark on his grandest crusade to date. His twenty-point list of demands on international climate policy represents the toughest line taken by any national leader, including a call for developed countries to contribute one percent of GDP — close to $700 billion per year — to a compensatory adaptation fund for poor and vulnerable nations.

“Western development has created a deathly wound to our Pachamama,” says Bolivian Foreign Mini... Read more