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Sasha Mackler is the Research Director of the National Commission on Energy Policy. His focus is on the potential for low-carbon energy technologies to diminish the risks of climate change, and how these technologies could be developed and deployed on a large scale. Mackler holds a Master of Science in earth resources engineering and a master's degree in public administration, both from Columbia University.

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This is the fifth entry in a series of six email exchanges between two climate-change experts on the future use of coal. The series was originally posted here.

Editorial note: Current social and political barriers to adopting carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) are not insurmountable, Mackler argues. The first step toward a solution lies with the coalitions that are developing to drive the legislation that will provide acceptable regulation of the capture and storage industry. The stage is set for emerging entrepreneurs.

Dear David,

Thanks. It’s clear to me and hopefully to our readers that we do share an awful lot of commonality in how we view the climate problem and where we see its ultimate solutions. I’d like to conclude this exchange with a few other points on the imperative of finding a path for coal that doesn’t destroy our climate and in the process attempt to persuade you that if we don’t do this in the next two decades, everything else is academic.

Two points are crucial. The first is that the technologies to capture and store CO2 are not “out there” but “right here.” I’m glad to hea... Read more

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