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Articles by Shadia Fayne Wood

Shadia Fayne Wood is a freelance journalist with Fired Up media.

Featured Article

Friday morning, youth from the global north and the global south gathered to create a stunning visual for the incoming delegates, party leaders, and journalists: a display that said very clearly, “Equity Now: Our Future Lies in the Balance.” That is the heart of the youth’s vision.

We’re not all there yet; we have a long way to go. Our delegation is highly dominated by folks from the global north, and within that the majority are white males, but something this year is different. More than any other year the youth are rallying around equity and justice as the only viable solutions.

Hannah Thomas from the UK delegation said in our Climate Justice training, run by the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative (EJCC):

I always heard that we needed to keep temperature levels at 2 degrees Celsius, that this was the safe level. But recently, at a side event here, scientists are saying that if we are not below 2 degrees Celsius then countries like the Philippines will be under water. That’s around 91 million people just in the Philippines that will either be displaced or deceased. This is not equit... Read more