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Articles by Sofia Andrade

Sofia Andrade is a Slate intern.

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A rally in support of Steven Donziger outside Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse in New York on May 10.

This story was originally published by Slate and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

After spending more than 700 days under house arrest, a human rights and environmental lawyer was found guilty last month of criminal contempt in a legal saga that has demonstrated the deep-rooted conflicts of interest layered throughout the judicial system when it comes to climate justice. In Steven Donziger’s conviction, the initial judge who referred him to trial, the second judge who was asked to lead the trial, and the private prosecutors who tried him all had deep ties to Chevron, the company Donziger had won a landmark multibillion-dollar ruling against.

The story began in 2011 when Donziger brought litigation against Texaco (now Chevron) in Ecuador for the harm it caused the Indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where the fossil fuel company decided to deliberately discharge 16 billion gallons of toxic waste from its oil sites into rivers, groundwater, and farmland. A refusal from Chevron to adhere to environmental regulations — which earned the company an extra $5 billion over 20 years — led to more than 30,000 Ecuadorians ... Read more