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Articles by Sofie Kodner

Sofie Kodner is a journalist and documentarian. She often reports on housing, technology, and culture. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, 99% Invisible, KQED, and more. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.

Featured Article

Jackye Lafon, an 81-year-old retiree, closes the shutters of her flat in the Cite Bourbaki in the Minimes district of Toulouse during a heat wave in July 2022.

For more than three decades, 84-year-old Josette Paoni lived alone in a small, dusty village in the South of France. But this summer, she got a new housemate, Javier Garcia. He’s a Spanish university student interning in France for the summer. He’s half her age and barely speaks French — but he could save her from falling victim to extreme weather events, specifically heat waves like the ones that hit many parts of the world earlier this year. 

On a hot day this past July, Garcia poured Paoni a glass of water, adding a dash of grenadine for flavor. “Ella no le gusta el agua sola,” he said. She doesn’t like the taste of water alone.

Javier Garcia places a pillow under Josette Paoni’s head. Courtesy of Jamila Chakri / La Logitude

Javier: Hi, Josette. Ça va? Hi, Josette. How are you?

Josette: Ça va mal, ça va mal. Not well. Not well.

Javier: Está mala. Lleva tres días mala. Tuvo fiebre el lunes y el martes. Ayer no tuvo pero estaba deshidratada. She’s sick. She’s been sick for three days. She had a fever on Monday and Tuesday. Yeste... Read more