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A recently pruned pinot noir vineyard is lined with a cover crop of mustard near Healdsburg, California.

KATOWICE, POLAND — Hans Herren began his farm as a hobby almost 20 years ago. He’s been planting grapes and growing apple orchards on an 11-acre plot of land near Napa Valley in California. Thus far, the venture has been a success, but he knows he needs to make some adjustments soon.

“This year, I lost a lot of apples — the ones that were not inside the tree, covered by leaves so they were in the shade, were burned by the sun,” Herren said. He’s likely going to have to install a screen over his entire orchard to prevent fruit loss.

Today, the average temperature in California is rising, and the nights don’t get as cool as they used to. The warmer nights make for lower-quality grapes, Herren explained, as they’re not given a chance to store nutrients. “I’ve seen the change, even in the 15 years I’ve had those trees,” he said.

While Herren’s farm sits roughly a mile out of the path of the state’s recent wildfires, he’s worried that the burned banks of the valley will lead to landslides, since the trees are no longer there to store water. In other words: climate change has come for farmers, in California and beyond.

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