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Articles by Stephen Hendricks

Stephen Hendricks is writing a book on the modern conflict between American Indians and the federal government, forthcoming from Thunder's Mouth/Nation Books.

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He’s bad, but is he the baddest?

Photo: White House.

Ask 10 environmentalists and 9 will tell you George W. Bush has been worse for the planet than Bill Clinton — and they would be wrong. In their error lies much that is ill in the environmental movement (if “movement” it can be called) and shows how long are the odds against righting the wrongs of the industrial economy.

But first, how can the man who would drill in the Arctic and the Rocky Mountain Front, who wants arsenic in your O.J. and snowmobiles in Yellowstone, to whom global warming is an evolutionary byproduct — how can he be ecologically on par with his predecessor? Arch-leftist Jeffrey St. Clair doesn’t deny that Bush is ruinous for the environment. But he says (Oil) Slick Willie was at least as bad thanks largely to greens — specifically, big greens.

Been Brown so Long It Looked Like Green to Me By Jeffrey St. Clair, Common Courage, 410 pages, 2004

“Once the environmental movement was seen as a public interest movement of unimpeachable integrity,” St. Clair wri... Read more