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Articles by Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey works as a physician in St. Louis. When not thinking about electric cars, he likes to read about paleontology and tend to his trilobite collection. His father and grandfather both worked in the oil industry, so he grew up thinking about oil, and was always aware that oil is coming to an end.

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Allow me to explain.

ShutterstockAllow me to explain.

I was driving my red Chevy Volt to work the other day when I noticed something. Just ahead of me, and one lane over, was — another Volt! My heart raced. I sped up, and pulled alongside the other car. The stranger in the black Volt saw me and grinned. We waved to each other, and nodded knowingly. He rolled down his window, and motioned for me to do the same. Our brief conversation — through the sounds of rolling tires and whooshing air, and no engine noise at all — went something like this:



“Isn’t this great?”

“Yes! Totally!”

“Other people just don’t get it, ya know?”

“I know! I know!”


“Oh! Right. See ya!”

With a hasty thumbs-up, we raised our windows and went our separate ways.

Such chummy exchanges are commonplace among the small but growing number of people who have ditched internal combustion in exchange for a vehicle that can be plugged in. Current options include the Vo... Read more

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