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Articles by Tam Hunt

Tam Hunt is the energy program director and attorney for the Community Environmental Council in Santa Barbara.

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This is a response to this post about California’s Proposition 7 by Adam Browning.


Al Gore has outdone himself.  Think what you will of him, you can’t say he doesn’t have a vision.  On July 17, he called for the nation to embark on a man-on-the-moon effort to achieve 100 percent “renewable and other truly clean carbon-free” electricity in just 10 years.  The bottom line is that the global and domestic energy situation requires that we act with the seriousness of purpose and focus that exceeds the efforts behind the moon landing. 

Climate change, economic security, peak oil and, more specifically, declining global oil exports (“peak oil 2.0”), require that we act with the utmost alacrity to wean our economies from oil and other fossil fuels. The best long-term package of solutions for making the transition from fossil fuels is increasing energy efficiency, conservation, renewable electricity, and sustainable biofuels (see here for our energy blueprint for our region).  “Electrification of the transportation sector” will become possible once electric v... Read more