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Articles by Ted Glick

Ted Glick is the national policy director for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Past writings and more information can be found here.

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“On Sunday, July 13th, fracking fighters everywhere, movement leaders like Tim DeChristopher and Sandra Steingraber, mothers fending off compressor stations, fathers fighting pipelines – and everyday people demanding solutions to climate change – will march together by the thousands in DC. We’ll call on President Obama and FERC to reject a gas export disaster, at Cove Point and beyond, and instead redouble investments in the wind, solar and energy efficiency technologies that will support good jobs and a stable climate for all.”

A new front is opening up in the critical battle to prevent climate catastrophe and protect people from the ravages of a fossil fuel industry going to extremes to find dirty and polluting, last-century energy sources. That new front: fracked gas exports.

As of today, with the exception of a small facility in Alaska, there are no export terminals along U.S. coastlines to ship natural gas (what I call methane gas) to other countries, but the plan of the gas industry, supported by the Obama Administration and Congressional Republicans, is to build a bunch of them over the next several years. Over 20 have been ... Read more

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