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Articles by Teryn Norris

Teryn Norris is a leading young policy strategist and serves as president and founder of Americans for Energy Leadership.

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  • A Critical Moment for Energy Leadership

    One of the most powerful moments during last week’s State of the Union came when President Obama warned that while Washington stalls, other nations are moving quickly to dominate the global clean-energy industry. “China is not waiting to revamp its economy,” Obama declared. “These nations aren’t playing for second place… They’re making serious investments in […]

  • BBC World Service: Who is to Blame at Copenhagen?

    I just joined the BBC World Service for a live, hour-long program called “Copenhagen: Who is to Blame?” reflecting on the outcomes of the negotiations, including BBC’s environmental analyst, a Chinese policy specialist, WWF’s Campaign Director, India’s Vandana Shiva, and other experts (the podcast is available here, and for a cliffnotes version, start at 39 […]

  • Earth to Thomas Friedman: Winning the “Earth Race” Requires Federal Investment

    In a major departure from conventional climate wisdom, Thomas Friedman argues in today’s New York Times that the UNFCCC framework is broken and should be replaced by a global competition in the clean-tech industry, which he says the United States can and should lead. “Let the Earth Race begin,” he declares, contrasting this with the […]

  • Letter to Bill McKibben: don’t blame Obama for Copenhagen

    Dear Bill, Yesterday, in response to the end of the Copenhagen negotiations, you issued a press release with titled “The President has wrecked the UN (and the planet),” in which you wrote: “The president has wrecked the U.N. and he’s wrecked the possibility of a tough plan to control global warming. It may get […]