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Articles by Tim Bromfield

Tim Bromfield co-founded Atlantic Rising, a charity and schools network raising awareness about the effects of climate change on coastal communities around the Atlantic. Previously he worked as a management consultant and more recently in international development, managing projects in the field such as the Guardian newspaper's Katine project in Uganda.

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The Presidential Palace. The Presidential Palace in Guinea Bissau lies derelict and burnt out. You can walk amongst the shards of broken crockery, blackened banisters, and singed carpets. Its empty rooms are a fitting metaphor for this failing state.

Teachers in the public sector have not been paid in years. Portuguese, the official language, is hardly spoken by young people and the nation is reverting to a creole contributing to its international isolation.

In a country which ranks 10th from the bottom on the U.N.’s Human Development Index and where life expectancy is 47, there are perhaps more pressing concerns than educating people about climate change.

However, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is doing just that. Nelson Gomez Dias, Country Director in Guinea Bissau, described the mobile laboratory used to educate children in Guinea Bissau on one of its most pressing environmental challenges. Biomass fuel.

Biomass fuel (charcoal and wood) is the single greatest contributor to deforestation in the world. The rural roads of Guinea Bissau are lined with sacks of the stuff on sale to truck drivers to transport to urban ma... Read more

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