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Like anyone who’s neither an idiot nor willfully ignorant, I’ve followed the avian flu issue with enough depth and interest to know that it’s scary as hell. Yesterday I happened to pick up a copy of the International Herald Tribune (it was in the lobby of the Zurich hotel we stayed in after a week of skiing in the Alps; yes, I know, life is tough) and read a scary piece about how avian flu has turned up on a poultry farm in France, forcing French health authorities to quarantine a farm family. The family’s young daughter was away from home when the outbreak was discovered and she’s not allowed to return home, and because the local postman is afraid, he leaves the family’s medicine on the road near their farmhouse.

And then I read a scary piece about how avian flu is likely to make its way around the globe, written by Laurie Garrett, who apparently has written a scary book about the topic.

Her analysis is fascinating, but so is her solution — mainly because it relies heavily on the longtime footsoldiers of grassroots environmental activism. Writes Garrett: “One of the best untapped resources in this epic battle ... Read more

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