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Articles by Tom Athanasiou

Tom Athanasiou is a long-time left green, a former software engineer, a technology critic and, most recently, a climate justice activist. He is the author of Divided Planet: The Ecology of Rich and Poor and the co-author of Dead Heat: Global Justice and Global Warming. In 2000, with Paul Baer, he founded EcoEquity, an activist think tank focused on the development and promotion of fair and potentially viable approaches to emergency climate stabilization. This work has taken shape as the Greenhouse Development Rights Framework. Tom is now the director of EcoEquity.

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  • Desmond Tutu (with a little help from the scientific community) explains Africa's position

    There’s been so much bad journalism written from Copenhagen that it boggles the mind. The problem has been particularly acute with respect to the developing world’s refusal to quietly accept the wealthy world’s many and various moves to evade its obligations. In fact, the Africans have good reasons for their uncompromising positioning.  You can see […]

  • Chuck Norris on Copenhagen

    Photo: www.chucknorris.comA lot of dreck comes across my desktop. I’m even on a list called “ennui mail,” and some of it is utterly irredeemable. But still I took notice when Chuck Norris: Copenhagen Talks To Forge “One World Order” blew in.   I especially like this bit: In this conference, they’re going to try to […]

  • “The Bill”

    This little film … … isn’t perfect, but damn is it good. Four minutes and 22 seconds, in German with English subtitles, but watch it anyway. Kudos to Germanwatch, and if anyone wants to pay for an English version, don’t hesitate to write me.

  • Bonn was disappointing, and Copenhagen will be too. Who to blame?

    Photo: rolandFirst up, the climate talks are not going very well.  After a rousing start in Rio in 1992, from which we returned with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the negotiations have been anything but inspiring.  1997’s Kyoto Protocol defined the rich-world actions – the first steps – that would put meat on […]