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Articles by Tom Butler

Tom Butler coedited ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth. His previous books include Plundering Appalachia and Wildlands Philanthropy. The editorial projects director of the Foundation for Deep Ecology, Butler also serves as volunteer board president of the Northeast Wilderness Trust.

Featured Article

Can we all agree that the current energy economy is fundamentally toxic to nature and people? Can we agree that there is no more important task than building a new energy economy, one that supports flourishing human and natural communities? Can we agree that the future energy economy should be powered by renewable sources, not fossil fuels?

One would think that every reasonable person (I’m looking at you, members of Congress) would agree with these propositions. Virtually every energy and climate change activist would immediately say yes. But move past truisms and get into specifics of just how to advance toward this energy future, and consensus breaks down. Remaking the energy economy cannot be accomplished overnight and thus there will be disagreements over strategies and tactics among activists.

The book that’s got some folks pissed off.

In every social change movement, there is friction between incremental reformers and advocates for radical change. Internecine squabbling is inevitable. So perhaps it shouldn’t have been surprising that some “green power” activists have gotten riled up ... Read more