Los Angeles is quaking in fear of "Carmageddon" this weekend, when 10 miles of heavily-populated Route 405 will be shut down. But never fear, Angelenos … you won't have to spend even a single weekend not pumping out tons of carbon! JetBlue will let you fly from Burbank (just north of L.A.) to Long Beach (just south of L.A.) for only $4.

The 20-minute flight lets you safely bypass the closed-off part of 405. You may then be miles from your destination, since you're taking a 35-mile flight to avoid a 10-mile stretch of freeway … but when have L.A. residents balked at driving a few miles? It's when you ask them to NOT drive a few miles that they start to freak out.

The JetBlue offer is only available on Saturday, though. What to do on Sunday, when 405 is still closed? Maybe take a long drive up to Santa Barbara, just to clear your head.

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