Take solace, Los Angelenos, in others' pain: In the larger scheme of horrible, horrible commutes, Los Angeles barely rates as moderately painful. On IBM's Commuter Pain Index, L.A. rates a 34. New Delhi, at 72, is more than twice as torturous, and in Mexico City, which ranks the worst, the pain index hits 108.

No matter where you live, though, commuting just sucks and makes the rest of your life suck as well, Infrastructurist reports:

86% of respondents in Beijing, 87% in Shenzhen, 70% in New Delhi and 61% in Nairobi said traffic was a key inhibitor to their work or school performance. Meanwhile 67% of drivers in Mexico City, 63% in Shenzhen and New Delhi and 61% in Beijing said they’d decided against a car trip in the last month due to anticipated traffic.

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Can we get a little public transportation here?

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