Beth Comstock.Beth Comstock
Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, General Electric

Beth Comstock, chief marketing officer at GE, has been in the cleantech vanguard since 2005, when she helped launch the company’s “ecomagination” campaign. It began largely in response to GE’s biggest customers in Europe and Asia, who were clamoring for cleaner, more efficient products. In the years since, ecomagination has grown bigger than Comstock, 50, ever dreamed: “Today it’s not just about building wind turbines and batteries and solar and smart grid. It’s also affecting the way we run our capital, health-care, and real-estate divisions. It’s influencing our supply chains. It has become the way we work,” she says. Comstock is now spearheading GE’s efforts to invest $10 billion over five years in new cleantech R&D, and she expects the company’s eco-offerings to grow at two times the rate of the company’s traditional products.