Sen. Maria Cantwell has taken an initiative, supported by 26 other senators, that is an immediate, lame-duck-session issue.  It has to do with the extension of a program, the “Section 1603 Treasury Grant Program,” that has played an important role over the last couple of years to build the renewable energy industry. See the link here for more info:

This program will expire at the end of this year. If it is not extended, it will be a “hit” on the renewable energy industry. In the words of a statement signed by 26 U.S. Senators in support of extending this program, “Absent an extension of the TGP, the anticipated total financing available for renewables is expected to decrease by 56 percent in 2011.”

I’ve heard that Harry Reid has indicated support for trying to make this happen as part of the negotiations/battle opening up over what to do about extending the Bush tax cuts. 

If you agree that this as an important issue, a possible win during the lame duck session, please reach out to U.S. senators about this, as soon as you can. 

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