The Home Depot

You can save energy. We can help.
Photo: OsCataleptic.

If weatherizing makes you complete, consider entering The Home Depot’s “Save Money. Save Energy. Win Big.” contest by submitting a short video about ways you save energy at home.

Grand prize is a hefty $5,000 gift card to The Home Depot. At $6.88 for a 4-pack, you could buy 2,904 CFLs. Plus the big winner can rake in up to $2,000 for installed insulation or radiant barrier products from The Home Depot Home Services. And in these uncertain times (for both the climate and finances), who couldn’t use a few extra bucks to keep more moolah and CO2 from leaking out of your house?

The contest details and rules, along with a few examples of submissions, are located on The Home Depot’s YouTube page. Submissions will be judged on creativity, originality, and relevance to the energy-saving theme. Gee, I wonder where you could find tips on saving energyhint, hint.

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The contest may end Nov. 9, 2008, but the opportunity to make your home more energy efficient is everlasting.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.